Monday, October 22, 2007

The many ways they fight...

Overheard in my house today:
"Stop saying my name"
"Stop saying that"

And then the non physical fighting, comic book-style begins as follows:
Sam removes part of the train Jack is pulling to play with elsewhere
Jackson (with great agitation and gnashing of teeth, while falling to his knees in agony) "SAMMMMMMY, NOOOOOOOOOO"
Sam: (pointing a finger at Jackson like a sorcerer) pssshhhshhshhhsh
Jackson: "NOOOOO, don't Pssshsshhshssh me! (pointing a finger back) PSSHSHSHSHHSSH
Sam: (in response to the pshsh) AAAAAHHHHHHHH! (Raising an arm in the air and shouting)
Jackson: "NOOOO, SAMMY. DON'T BAM ME" (Pointing a finger and pretending to spray water) PSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSH
Sammy: (in reaction to being "sprayed") "AAAAAHHHHHHHHH" (Psh's back)
Apparently being "sprayed with water" (and I'm only assuming it's water and hoping it's not gasoline or acid) is enough to stop any opponent short in their tracks. Aah, the joys of boys.

Said to me today after calling me "honey," "You're my best friend ever, Mom." My two year old will be three in a few weeks. Sigh.