Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How'd you get home?

Last night at dinner, Ryan was telling me / us about his day at work. He had a big presentation, and said afterwards he just "crashed." The boys continued listening until he finished talking and then Jack said "How'd you get home, Dad?" Confused, we said "What?" "How'd you get home, Dad? After you crashed?"
So literal! We explained that he didn't crash the CAR, but he was so tired he wanted to crash his body into the couch! Gotta love the way kids' minds work!

Olivia's twang

I don't know where it came from, but I don't want to forget that Olivia says "Sam" like it has three syllables..."SA-YA-AM" or the way she sings "We are the Champions" more like Chee-yam--peee--yuns." That girl, she is a piece of work!

Sam at school

Yesterday I was able to chaperone Sam's 4 year old class trip to the Fire Station. It always surprises me to see how different my kids are at school than at home, and that my fears of misbehaving are completely offbase. Sam was a perfect angel. He was quiet, attentive and raised his hand. He was polite, genuine, and respectful. But more than anything else, I was amazed to see his natural leadership traits emerge. When we arrived, the kids were told to have a seat on the couch. Sam ended up smack in the middle of a "girls" couch and I took his pic with 3 girls on each side! He decided he wanted to sit with the boys, and as they saw him coming, they made room for him. As the group was told to move to the next area of the fire station, Sam was ALWAYS right up there, leading the group to the next location, and there was a feeling that the other kids were waiting for him, EXPECTING him to lead them forward. I see great things ahead for that kid. And I can't wait to see what will happen next.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Time marches on

Claire is 7 months old today. SEVEN months old! I can't believe it! She is still too cute for words, smiling anytime a smiling face looks her way, and her dimples exploding out of her cheeks! She scoots around quite well, is eating baby puffs all by herself, and drinking water out of a sippy cup. She babbles in the cutest ways, always trying to communicate with the big kids, who still delight in her every move.
Her two bottom teeth are just popping through her gums, and I am starting to mourn the loss of the gummy smiles, the newborn/young infant stage. I see pregnant women, and I feel jealous of the new life they feel inside, moving around, kicking, hiccuping and squirming. The excitement of wondering when the baby will come, what will the baby be, who will the baby look like? And although I think we should stop having kids now, with two perfect boys, and two beautiful and sweet girls, it makes my heart ache to think that phase of my life is over.
Each year, I see such changes to our routine and to my kids. This year, with the addition of kindergarten, I am running all the time. I feel most days like there's not even time to enjoy being home, for the kids to play with their toys or run around outside. There is school, and homework, soccer practice, ballet, and karate; back to school nights, girls night out, and Ryan's basketball. There is just never a break from the rush rush rush. Such a contrast from a few short years ago when going to Target might be the big outing of a three day period!
Taking Olivia to the children's museum without her brothers was bittersweet. She ran from place to place, playing wherever SHE wanted without me calling out for them to STAY TOGETHER, and we'll go where you want NEXT. She seemed to enjoy it, but she didn't light up the way she does when she shares those experiences with the boys.
The other day in the car, I was listening to the radio and the boys were talking in the back. I heard Jackson say to Sam, "SO, how do you like Mrs. Ray's class?" Sammy said "Good. I like the centers." And then I couldn't hear anymore over Olivia's bellowing "I DO CENTERS TOO! AND I LIKE GOING OUTSIDE! BOYS! BOOOOOOYYYYS!" I hope they are always this close.