Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween 2009

We ended up with two Peter Pans (the boys), a Tinkerbell (Olivia), a pseudo Captain Hook (daddy), and me with a Pumpkin on my burgeoning belly. I had joked for weeks that I would be "naughty Wendy," what with the obvious pregnancy...

Wendy: "What did you expect, MOTHER?! I had strange boys coming in my room at night, and you and Daddy left us home with a DOG for a babysitter! Of course I'm pregnant!"

However, when push came to shove, I just decided I couldn't pass up my final opportunity to BE a pumpkin for Halloween!

We trick-or-treated for THREE hours, and I kid you not. We left our house at 5:30 and came home at 8:55. Yeah. I had blisters and my feet were fat and swollen. But man have I had a ton of delicious milky ways and twix bars in the last coupla weeks. So there's that.

Jack's 5th birthday party

Jack chose a Halloween theme for his birthday this year. We threw a costume party with all the fixin's and he said it was his best birthday yet! Having the party two weeks before his actual birthday totally blew his mind, though. In the two weeks between his birthday party and his "Actually" birthday, as he called it, he kept saying things like "Why am I not five yet? I can't wait to have another party on my actually birthday!" and "Wonder what everyone will get me for my actually birthday!"
So on the real day, we took cupcakes to school, went on a field trip to the firehouse (with his class) and let him choose dinner- "chips and salsa place." Sam had been diagnosed with a potential case of flu/swine flu the day before. Sudden temp, red eyes, and a persistent cough sent me running to the doc. BUT, since the kids had gotten the mist H1N1 vaccine 9 days before, the flu test was inconclusive because it could potentially have been registering the vaccine as the actual thing. Who knows. Anyhow, his fever improved that evening, then spiked again around midnight, when he came to our room and crawled in bed. I wasn't about to make him go back to his own room knowing how sick he was, but after dosing him up with Tylenol, he was like an oven pressed against my back, so I thought quick and woke up Ryan to ask him to bring in the toddler bed from the guest room so Sam could sleep beside me but not on top of me. Sam became distressed as I told him it wasn't a good idea for him to sleep with Mommy because he could give me his sick germs, but that he could sleep right beside me, and as Ryan brought the toddler bed in the room Sam said (from his position plopped right in the middle of our bed) "How are you both going to fit in that?"
Totally cracked me up! Stinker thought he got our bed and we were moving! Haha!
Anyhow, back to Jackson's birthday dinner at the local Mexican joint- they did the whole song and sombrero and whipped cream on the face bit, and Jack loved it all!
Then Sam threw up in the parking lot. (and we rejoiced because hey- not in the car, not in the house, not even on his clothes----score!)
Then we went home to have Pumpkin pie (Jack's requested dessert) and popcorn while we watched "The Sword in the Stone" that he received for his birthday. All in all, I think turning 5 was a great experience for him and one that he will hopefully remember!