Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jackson's new favorite game...

goes like this:
Jackson (out of nowhere): Hey Mom, how 'bout a bunny on top of a car on top of a cake?!? (chuckle, laugh, snort, hand over mouth that's just SOOOOO funny!)
Me: Hey Jack, how 'bout a bunny on top of a car on top of a cake on top of a POTTY!?!
Jackson: (HAHAHA! SNORT, cackle) Hey Mom, how 'bout a bunny on top of a car on top of a cake on top of a POTTY on top of the OCEAN?!? (hahaha, squeak, snort, hilarity ensues)
Me: Hey Jack, how 'bout a bunny with a dirty diaper on his head?!?
Jack: (in a silly Adam Sandleresque voice) Aw, man, how can you even TALK about that?

Apparently dirty diapers are going too far. Who knew?

Aunt Leah's wedding weekend!

Ryan's sister, Aunt Leah, got married this weekend in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We left Friday morning with my sister Michelle in tow to help with the kids, and drove down to start the festivities! Friday was a long drive, a rehearsal at the aquarium, and a celebration dinner at Aunt Leah and Uncle Anthony's house. The food was delicious- shrimp and steak kabobs, salad, sweet potato rolls, and cajun rice. Mmm, mmm! The kids played in the coolers on the driveway "fishing for ice" (and cans, if you must know) but at least it kept them occupied for the greater part of the evening. Our accomodations were blessedly free since my sister has a good friend with a beach house, and everything went smoothly. I played flute for the wedding, and Ryan was a groomsmen so my sister was a lifesaver. The kids enjoyed dancing, especially Olivia who literally danced the night away, and the boys loved browsing the aquarium checking out the alligators and sharks. At once point, Jack was missing and we found him at the "touching" station with a blonde worker on each side of him! He's his Daddy's boy, that's for sure! He loved exploring the ray tank and the hermit crabs and starfish.
Sunday was Ryan's employee day at Kings Dominion, so we spend the day there (after another long ride in the car) and the boys rode their first roller coasters! I was shocked to discover that Jack was more of a thrill seeker than Sam, but they stayed true to my expectations in the bumper car arena. Jackson sat with his hands at 10 and 2, diligently going AROUND all the other drivers, and deliberately staying on the outskirts. Sam, however, took great pride in his battle cry as he rammed EverY.sINGLE.Kid. in a bumper car. He came out yelling "Mommy, I crashed into EVERYONE, I was bam, bam, I was crashing all over the place!" He didn't like "the mountains" on the roller coasters, though. He thought they were scawy.
Jackson's favorite ride was the Scooby Doo haunted house, and we had to run back across the park for him to ride it one last time before we left for the night.
Olivia was a trooper, and wasn't scared of a single thing, person, ride, etc. She rode her first merry-go-round, and a number of other small kids rides without blinking. In fact, after the first ride she screamed when we took her out because she wanted to go again. I'm sure I can find some pics of me at her age riding the rides, since apparently that was right up my alley!
There was no time for adult rides, and even thought I love roller coasters, I was okay with that. It's funny how easy it is to just WANT to do everything for your kids, isn't it? All in all, the weekend was a success.

We had a perfect butterfly!

Yesterday we woke up to a beautiful butterfly fluttering around in our bowl! The boys were so excited! Unfortunately we were running late for school and didn't get a chance to release it until we got home, but he flew away while we stood at the door and waved goodbye. Watching my two sweet boys wave good-bye and call out "Good-bye butterfly, Good luck" brought about almost too many metaphors to bear.

Monday, September 15, 2008

said the elephant...

This morning as I was playing animals/dinosaurs with Sam, he had the baby elephant and I had the mommy elephant. After he said something cute (I can't remember- already!), I smiled at him and stroked his cheek. He looked at me and said gently yet emphatically "Said the elephant" like, that wasn't me talking mom...that was the elephant. DUH!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The first day of preschool

The boys began preschool on Tuesday. I spent the night before getting the teacher gifts ready, packing their snacks and change of clothes, and going over all the information before the next morning. I am so excited to be the room mother for BOTH of the boys' classes this year, but we'll see how I feel about that in May ;-)
The morning was rushed, and I made a special smiley face breakfast with mini peanut butter waffle sandwich eyes, half a banana for a nose, and bacon for the mouth. They also asked for blueberries and milk, so all in all it was a pretty solid breakfast. We were running late because the ONE THING I didn't pack the night before was socks, and I could not find TWO matching pairs that went with their clothes, so Sam ended up wearing sandals.
When we got to school, I loaded Liv into the stroller and the boys put on their backpacks and we marched up to the front door. They took the stairs and Liv and I took the elevator and met them on the bottom floor. Jackson was a little timid about going into class, but once he realized 3 of his playgroup friends and 3 of his classmates from last year were already in there playing, he dove right in.
Sam was basically like taking a 12 year old to school. He went in, put away his bookbag, said good morning to his teacher, and set about playing with his friends. He didn't tear up, he didn't look back, he had absolutely no fear. I love that about him.
In the completely opposite way, I love that Jackson DOES tear up, that he wants to be reassured that I will be back soon, and that he still "needs' me. He actually asked on Thursday on our way in to school if he could just be in Sam's class with him! Um, no cause he's 2 and you're 3!
At pickup, Sam was happily kicking a ball with his teacher, and was thrilled to see me. We picked Jackson up in the car line, and he looked so small and yet still so grown up standing in line with his bookbag on his little back.
I think it's going to be a great year.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sammy the sidekick

Sunday morning the kids were driving us CARAZY inside, so we shooed them out and then joined them on the back porch with the newspaper. I sipped my coffee, read the circulars and comics, while Ryan read the actual paper. The kids went to the sandbox for a while, then to the treehouse, then to the garden, then kicked a ball around, making their way back to the deck after each activity. At one point, Jackson came up the steps and wanted a chair to sit in. I told him to just sit on top of the two that were still stacked. "What?" he said. "You want me to sit on the DOUBLE?"
And then he yelled "Sammy, WHOA-EEE-EEEEWWWW-OOOOO" in this strange call to sidekick sort of thing. "Look, Sammy, I'm sitting on a double!" Ryan and I both started laughing- I think I may have gotten coffee up my nose. BUT I may have peed my pants if Sam had A. responded with a similar yell, acknowledging the call of his leader, or B. gotten up from the sandbox and started running toward Jackson. Look out, Batman and Robin- there's a new team in town!
Aaaah, good times.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wounded butterfly

A few weeks ago the boys found 2 caterpillars on my dill plant while I was out working in the garden. They had two friends over, and all four were SOOOOO excited and insisted we bring them in the house and made a home for them. They put in leaves,twigs and grass. After their friends left I went in hot internet pursuit of an identity for those little caterpillars. By the time I discovered they were black swallowtails and that they eat dill (DUH!) and parsley, one had already met his maker. The other was still alive and well and eating up a storm (and more grossly POOPIN up a storm- I mean seriously, don't I already deal with enough poop every day?) and we decided to keep him to watch him morph into a butterfly. WELLLL, he sat on the kitchen counter in his little container with the slits cut through the top while I worked on his new home. And when I finished his home and went to get him, I was all "WHA? WHERE'S THE CATERPILLER?" He was gone. I searched all over the darn kitchen and couldn't find him and wat TOTALLY grossed out thinking about how one day I would find a dead dried up caterpillar somewhere in my cabinets.
Fast forward to yesterday. The boys were playing spiderman at the gas fireplace because they think the metal screen is his web, and all of a sudden I was interrupted while cooking dinner by the boys yelling "Hey! Mom! A butterfly!!!" I went to see what all the fuss was about and sure enough, there was a butterfly with only one good wing flopping around but totally blending in with the black marble floor. I thought there was no way, but sure enough there was his chrysalis hanging from the side of our fireplace, and he had popped out while the boys were right there playing. Poor guy was probably STARVING by the time he made it the 30-some feet from the kitchen island to the fireplace. Ryan and I were laughing how he must've totally survived on goldfish crumbs he found all over the floor along the way. I'm fighting for him, but Ryan thinks with the broken wing and all, the writing is already on the wall for our little butterfly. Last night the boys found about 12 more caterpillars on the dill plant, so it looks like there will be many butterflies roaming my house in the coming weeks. Wish us luck!

I'll post pictures when I get a minute!

Monday, September 1, 2008


In the car today:
Jackson while trying to convince Sammy to watch Finding Nemo: "Daddy, Sammy says he loves me a little, but not that much."

Me: "I love you Sammy. Do you love me?"
Sammy: "Yes, I love you Mommy."
Me: "You do? How much?"
Sammy: "Mommy, I love you all the time."
Me: Sigh of contentment.

An outing with three very small children...

goes a little something like this...
Pack up all the stuff. Pacifiers, loveys, drinks, snacks, lunch, diapers, wipes, changes of clothes, hats, sunblock, strollers, etc.
Take a 75 minute ride in the car with noisy kids either fighting, crying, or asking if we're there yet.
Pull up to the apple/peach orchard at lunchtime (read: naptime) with high hopes, and a small brain
Eat a fairly pleasant picnic lunch and then head out to pick fresh fruit
Walk past all the apples (up a very steep dirt road) in search of fresh peaches only to find the peach trees are COMPLETELY picked over- no peaches, not even on the ground
Send husband and baby on a scouting mission for peaches
Drag tired, thirsty, hot, and whiney boys up several more hills in search of Daddy, baby, and peaches
Find them and collect the peaches they have stored in their pockets
At this point, the Daddy decides to leave the Mommy alone with the three kids despite her fervent pleas not to leave her alone for the sake of a few crappy peaches
Have two year old rub a peach on his neck and start shreiking that "Ack! The bugs are getting ME! I'm gettin' sunbuwned! Ouch!"
While you deal with the two year old, have the one year old tumble BACKWARDS down a steep hill, head over heels while you scramble to keep the other two up on their feet, screaming at your husband to get back there RIGHT THIS MINUTE!
Engage in dramatics as you calm your baby while your two sons decide to take off their shoes because they are dirty and have gravel in them and they don't want to walk anymore.
Have husband carry one child on shoulders, one (now poopy) child in his arms, with sweat dripping off his nose while you carry the baby and you pass the bag of peaches back and forth
Head to your stylin' minivan to change the poopy diapers and regroup before heading back out for apples
At this point, things will start to look up except for the fact that when you go to pay for the peaches, you will find someone (probably a couple of small someones) have been JUMPING on the bag and you have several good peaches and alot of peach soup
Taaaadaaaaa! Day trip. Don't you want kids?