Monday, August 13, 2007

I am SOOO behind!

Olivia is six weeks old already! SIX WEEKS! Where has the time gone? She has continued to be an amazingly sweet baby, smiling often since week one, and sleeping when requested. We have lost maybe 5 hours total sleep to her being awake (note: not crying, just awake) and she is now learning how to entertain herself in the swing, activity mat, or bouncy seat, which is giving me opportunities to get a few things done!
We went to the beach last week- Emerald Isle. The boys were SOOO excited to go and did a great job in the car for the 4.5 hour ride, except for Sammy's new habit of spitting just to antagonize Jackson who is stuck in the seat beside him! Jackson screams and tattles every time, and Sam has taken to doing it ever so softly after being yelled at for it a million times!
Sammy has begun telling us "I Ruv you" without any prompting, which is one of those sweet things that your kids do that keep you wiping noses, cleaning butts, and enduring goldfish crumbs all over your house.
But I digress...the beach! Jackson loved the waves and Sam loved the sand. Jackson hated the sand and Sam hated the waves. Polar opposites much? We spent much time inside for naps in the afternoon and because I didn't want to keep Livi out in the heat too much and MAN was it HOT! Humidity and heat were at an extreme and I swear there is nothing more frustrating than getting three crying babies/toddlers up a boardwalk who are covered in sand and have burning feet to get to a shower and clean them off and then trudge to the beach house that you are LOCKED OUT OF! I had to scale the house and go in the second floor balcony door to get us back in and I think the adrenaline I felt I could have jumped up in a single leap, if necessary. I was going to get into that house one way or another because my kids needed a nap and clean clothes and lunch and let's just say I was not in the best spirits from that.
The boys shared a room with Josh and I am so pleased that they slept so well in the same room. It reassured me that they will be able to share a room well in a year or so when the time comes.
I thought perhaps Jackson was ready for potty training today, but it turns out...not so much! When he got up, I asked if he wanted to wear big boy underwear like his cousin Josh does and use the potty and he enthusiastically said "YES!" So I commenced with the ceremonially first wearing of underwear and took pictures, and Sammy chimed in "My turn," so he wore a pair over his diaper. Jack did make a poo poo in the potty and earned some Skittles, but proceeded to pee in his underwear. He changed into clean big boy pants and did it AGAIN! By the third time, it became clear he was deliberately peeing in his pants, just to get to see what other new pair of underwear he could put on. "Hurray- car boxer briefs! Oops, I peed again...what's next?"
So apparently he is not so ready for potty training so we'll wait and try again later.
The boys continue to love on baby sister and give her kisses and compete for her smiles. I certainly think she is going to be the princess of this family, with everyone fawning over her all the time!
Jackson has reached the point of asking "Why" all the time which is driving me crazy aside from his incessant talking. Sam just responds "What" like a bored teenager whenever called upon, and we are convinced he's the only one year old that has a teenager's attitude. But his vocabulary is growing by the minute, and we are always amazed by the sentences he comes up with. They're growing up too fast and I need to be taking the time to record more specifics because I already forget them from day to day.

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