Friday, December 14, 2007

And these are the days of our lives...

Flying by me so, so quickly. I think one of my New Year's Resolutions for 2008 will be more faithfully recording our memories. There are so many little details that will fade so fast, and I want to remember them all!
For instance, last night as the kids and I waited in a parking lot for Ryan to come meet us, we sat in the back of our van dubbed "The Silver Rocket" and watched "Finding Nemo" while eating goldfish crackers and reading books. At one point, the boys both had on their Santa hats and the light from the parking lot spotlights was creating spots on their faces through the raindrops smattered on the darkened windows of the car. Sam's Santa hat was cocked to the side and flopping merrily while he talked. Jackson "Ho ho hoed" in his best Santa voice and told me I would be getting a train for Christmas, just like he was.
In the time since I last wrote, we have had Jackson's third birthday party (a choo choo party) which was a huge success, and a huge pain in my rear! But for the look on his face, worth every hour I spent on it. He and his friends are still talking about his choo choo party, and the Geotrax train set continues to be the very favorite toy that entertains them for hours in the playroom.
Sam's new obsession is Spiderman, and he talks about it all the time. I am the "Gween Gobwin" and he even calls for me (the Gween Gobwin) when he wakes up from his nap! I thought he would be older than 1 before he would become obsessed with superheroes! Speaking of that, I am on the verge of a job at a small gym franchise. I was approached by the owner after completing a free preview class with the boys and their playgroup, and apparently my obnoxiousness has finally paid off! He loved the way I interacted with the kids and got out there being silly, and asked if I wanted a small part time job. So far, I'm not sure it's going to work out, but it's an adventure and everyone knows I love me an adventure.
The boys are excited about Christmas this year, and we went to see Santa the first Sunday after Thanksgiving! Jackson took along his geotrax brochure so he could point out exactly the train he wants (which, by the way happens to be different than the one he showed me and I already bought- DOH! - looks like I'll be making multiple exchanges at Toys R Us) whild Sam refused to get near the big guy! He wouldn't so much as give Santa five!
As we left the Santa area at the mall, Jack asked "Well where are my presents!" Unfortunately we did a poor job of explaining about the LOOOONG wait to get your presents. So, the boys took matters into their own hands. One morning when they came bounding into our room around 6:30, they watched cartoons for a short while before beginning the "bear cub" wrestling and scuffling that has become constant lately. I realized they were no longer upstairs after a few minutes and joked to Ryan that they were probably downstairs opening their presents. Then I heard "RIIIIIIIP" from downstairs and hit Ryan until he jumped up and ran down to see what was going on. Jack immediately began to cry "I'm SOOO SORRRY! I'll nevew do it again!" Since then, hiding the gifts in Livi's closet has been tougher and tougher.
Olivia continues to get bigger and bigger and fascinates the boys with her daily changes and accomplishments. She's eating solids now, and sleeping mostly through the night in her own bed so it doesn't feel so much like we have a baby already know what that means! Heehee!
She is a very sweet and tolerant baby and smiles and giggles all the time. She is very social already and loves any kind of attention. Her big blue eyes sparkle and her deep dimple crinkle every time I look her way. I can't imagine a sweeter baby girl and I can't wait to see the girl she is becoming each day.
I have so many warm fuzzy moments with our tree gleaming in the corner and Christmas music playing all day. I sometimes watch the boys play near the tree and hope their childhood is as idyllic as I imagine it will be. I am so glad they have each other and a family that loves them, and it makes my heart ache for kids without. Hmm, I'll try to remember some of the other important moments and document them soon!

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