Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Funnyisms from the boys

Sam, while staring at me as I sat on the couch over the weekend...
"Oh, so when your belly gets bigger, your boobies get bigger too, huh?!"
I swear that kid is gonna be a "boob man" and by the way, thanks for noticing! KIDS!

Our nightly ritual lately has been a family round or two of uno, then a coupla stories, then tucked in and each choose a song for mom to sing (Almost ALWAYS "Somewhere Over the Rainbow") and then off to sleep. But each night as I leave the room Jackson says "Mom, will you check on us?" and his favored response is for me to say "I always do." Any variation results in some kind of comment on his part and a general unsettling until I say "I always do."
Tonight as I left the room we proceeded with our new ritual, and when I responded correctly Jackson smiled and said, "That's my girl!" Cutie!

Perhaps this one is TMI, but it's for posterity (no pun intended!) so whatever. The other day as i was peeing, with Sam looking on as usual, he said, "You have to wipe your heinie after you pee, right Mom?" I gave an absentminded "mmmhmmm." Then he said, despite our MANY discussions about this, "Yeah, because you pee out of your heinie."
"Oh, yeah right, you pee out of your 'gina....(then chuckling and shaking his head a little) 'Gina sure is a funny word for penis."

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