Tuesday, July 6, 2010

May and June recap

We wrapped up the end of the school year in May with lots of school parties, outside playing, and Jack's preschool graduation (sniff, sniff!). Our plans for Memorial weekend of going to Nags Head with Ryan's family had to be cancelled when there was a chicken pox situation, but we made the best of it staying home and hanging out at the pool. June was a trip to Roanoke (b/c Mother's Day visit was cancelled from Sam running a fever) and an extended stay through Wednesday of that week. Olivia's swimming lessons were up next, followed by her Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter tea party birthday celebration, and summer was in full swing. I have been filling the days with running errands, taking the kiddos to the pool, Busch Gardens, and the free summer movies. July 4th weekend was bliss! Friday the whole fam went to Busch Gardens for the day, concluding with a spectacular fireworks display, and filled with lots of rides and eating- 11 hours' worth, to be exact!! Saturday we lounged at home and the pool, and Sunday we worked around the house and cooked out with our good friends and neighbors next door. We attemped to view more fireworks, but wound up parked in exactly the wrong spot so that trees obstructed the show! Oh well, the kids had a blast running around in the warm evening with their buddies and glow sticks, so all was not lost! The day ended late for us again with a glow stick bath and bed for the kids at midnight! Monday Ryan was still off, so we headed out to see Toy Story 3 (sooooo cute- and I cried at the college room scene with his mother), lunch at Cici's, more playing at the pool, and finally smores in our firepit with friends. Packed full, but so much fun!
Claire now....still our angel baby. She smiles all.the.time. , giggles when tickled, sleeps peacefully, and tolerates far more than most, both from beibg dragged all over kingdome-come in 100 degree heat with the fam, and from all the "love" she gets from her adoring siblings! At four months now, she has been rolling both ways for a month, is very vocal and communicative, sleeps with or without her paci, and actually plays in the exersaucer for periods of time. Since turning three months, she has actually been USING the toys on her exersaucer, which is amazing!
Olivia at three is still not remotely potty- trained, and is growing more difficult by the day...testing, testing, testing! She is also growing cuter by the day, and the end result = stinker! She plays very well by herself, and can often be found roaming the house in a pull-up, high heels, and tiara. Very fitting. Princesses, pink, shopping, and all things girly are right up her alley! She plays with the boys more these days, but only if she can be the "pwincess". Swimming lessons did not go as planned, and by the final day she was refusing to even get in the water, Ridiculous, of course, b/c she goes under all the time when we are there to play, especially with her new ariel "gobbles"! She went for her first haircut at a salon, and is now sportin' a super-cute stacked bob. Love my baby girl, even with the 'tude!
Sam has backed off a bit with the constant Claire kisses. Maybe it's because she started punchin and scratchin! He still says the funniest things and is very wise beyond his four years. He is excited about playing soccer in the fall, and despite claiming to not like karate, excels in balance and kicking! He sounds out words like a champ now, and still loves his soy butter and jelly sandwiches all the time. Helping in the kitchen is one of his fav pastimes, and Phineas and Ferb is the reigning choice for tv. He is definitely growing up right before my eyes.
Jackson's new favorite is legos right now, and he can usually be found either building a new ship or playing his DS. He loves the privelege of 15 minutes of quiet time at night after we read to him, when we leave the lamp on and he gets to look at books on his own in bed. He is very much looking forward to kindergarten,but we'll see how he feels when its actually here. Loves the pool, his whole family, and fast amusement park rides. Big brother, all the way.

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