Monday, September 6, 2010


My dear, sweet Jackson,
Tomorrow you will embark on a new adventure. Your first adventure without me or Sam by your side. I have such mixed feelings about this day. I am so excited for you to learn new things, make new friends, and discover more about who you are. At the same time, I am so sad to think that this era of our life together is over. There has been so much time for me to spend with you...only a little time with you alone, but so much time with you and your siblings. Me and my kiddos heading to the Children's Museum, the library, the mall, the grocery store...playgroups and preschool. It just won't be quite the same with one missing link.
You are my "big" kid...the one who generally settles disputes between Sam and Liv, loves to sit and color or practice writing, disappears into a quiet corner to build with Legos, or watch a movie. You are so sweet and so genuine. Always trying to be avid people-pleaser like your mother. You are quick to say thank you, (for making dinner, for buying slushies, for taking you to the pool) and always quick with a smile. Lately, you are also always looking for and finding change on the ground...seriously, its a strange but intriguing knack that you have!
I know you are going to be great at school. You will be a good listener, a good helper, and an enthusiastic student. But I hope that you will also be a leader, staying true to yourself, and not worrying about being a "guy's guy" cause that's just not you. I hope you will find friends and be a good friend. I hope that you will find out what you like and don't like, and have the courage and assertion to say how you feel. I hope that even though disappointments and heartache are inevitable, you will learn from them and know that God is with you and has a special plan just for you. And I hope you know now and will always know how very much I love you. YOU. Exactly you, and just the way you are. Go get 'em, baby.

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