Monday, November 8, 2010

Jack is six, and Claire is 8 months...

Jackson's sixth birthday was Saturday. There were two solid days of festivities, starting with his celebration at school on Friday. He PROUDLY wore his birthday crown, accepted his birthday paddles and kiss from his teacher with blushing and shy smiles, showed off the poster we made covered in pictures of his family and favorite places and things, and ate light saber chocolate chip cookies with his friends. I took him Subway for lunch, and we chatted and enjoyed a rare time together with one-on-one time. Saturday morning at his soccer game, not only did he score two goals and get some bonus time on the field, but his teammates chanted "BIRTH-DAY-BOY!" over and over while he was on the field. His party was a Star Wars lego theme, and about 16 of his friends came to play and share in the fun! The kids played with light sabers, wore Star Wars masks, ate party foods like "Vader Patater chips," and "wookie cookies," followed by cake, ring cupcakes, and edible lego candy blocks. It was an all-around great day!
Last night when I was tucking the boys in to bed, I asked Jack if it felt different being 6. He said, "I don't know" with a shy giggle. I said "Well, you're practically a grown-up. Are you going to start growing a beard?" He laughed and said "NO...YOU are!" I said "WHAT?! I'm a GIRL!" And he started calling me "the bearded lady." Those kids!
He has his first two loose teeth...the same bottom two front teeth that Claire is just getting. Sigh, the circle of life I suppose. While brushing his teeth last week, I discovered that he had the new teeth all the way in already, so it won't be long now. And we get to call him "Shark Boy" temporarily for his multiple layers of teeth!
We had his first teacher conference last week, and his teacher adores him. Not only did he score a 99 on his pals test (when the benchmark is around 50!) but he was placed in the highest reading group! His teacher said he is very sweet, concientious, and attentive. She also said she wouldn't be surprised at all if he was identified for the gifted and talented program! Yay Jack!
I've been making Olivia wear a pull-up to bed for a while now because despite her ability to stay dry, she seemed to discover that peeing in her bed resulted in being moved to MY bed, and started wetting the bed every night. That particular morning when I laid out her clothes she said, "Silly Mommy! I alweady HAB panties on! I wore dem wast night and I keeped dem NICE and DWY!" She's so full of herself!
Sammy has had a hard time the last week or so with all the attention being on Jack's birthday. I think it is a combination of feeling like he's being left behind (now that Jack is in kindergarten and rides the bus and has friends Sam doesn't know and has loose teeth, etc.) and being jealous of all Jack's birthday fuss, but he has been a little sensitive lately. But man that kid can make me melt when he sings "O beautiful, for spacious skies..." and when I join in, he always says "They had that song when YOU were little, too?!"
Claire has one tooth all the way in, and another about halfway. She smiles her little toothy grin all the time, and has remained so pleasant despite her first little runny nose and cough. She is crawling, pushing herself up to sit, and trying all kinds of new solid finger foods. I have yet to find a food she won't eat, from a variety of baby foods and cereals, to fresh fruit, bread, and other snacks. She is pure joy all day long. I am so going to miss having a baby in the house.

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