Friday, March 4, 2011

Claire is ONE!

It happened. She really did turn one on Thursday. I just cannot believe she's really one, and yet as I see her personality emerging, I am so excited to know the person she is becoming. She clasps her hands together and chants along while we sing our "God our Father" grace song at meals, and claps for herself and her siblings! As the kids sang "Happy Birthday" to her on her special day, she swung her head from side to side, clapped her hands, and waited with wide-eyes and a cocked head for them to start over again when they were done!
I turned her seat around on the big day, and she has been much happier getting in the car. It's so strange to see FOUR little faces peering back at me from the back of the van!
The other night Olivia was taking a bath with Claire and began pretending that Claire was a baby wolf and I was the Momma wolf, and she was the sister wolf and we howled at the moon. Claire would get very serious, then tilt her head upwards, purse her lips together, and make a soft MMMMMMM noise. SOOOO cute! Her birthday party, just for family, the Wilsons and the Moores will be on Sunday with a PINK ladybug theme. It's pretty much a photo op for me, so I intend to douse the kitchen with pink and take LOTS of pictures of my adorable Claire!
She is not quite walking yet, although she has taken a step or two on her own, and is definitely capable, just not confident enough. She said "Mama," "Dada," "Uh-oh," and "Hi!" and I THINK has said a few other things, but nothing else consistent.
Happy Birthday to my sweet girl, even if you have been keeping me up at night for days on end! I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! XOXO

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