Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm back!

yes, I have been woefully remiss in my blogging lately. In my defense, I cannot type worth a hoot on my ipad, and therefore I just haven't been doing it. BUT, for the sake of preserving the cuteness of thing four, aka Claire, I am giving it a go.

Olivia: Hey Mom, if I don't drink enough water, I'll hibernate, right?
Me: Um, I think You mean dehydrate!
Olivia : Oh yeah, right.

Sammy is the only kid in his kindergarten class that can read. We still don't know his current DRA score because when his teacher tested him, she only had books up to a level 10 with her, and he read the 10 "with no problem, and with expression!". They have been studying the Chinese new year this week, so on that day, each of the kids got a fortune cookie. Regular box of fortune cookies. Sam's said "Leaders are Readers.". Awesome!

Claire loves to run around naked after bath time, necessitating that we chase her to get her Jammie's on. She also frequently pees in weird places at that time ( like the hallway or OUR BED) but that's another story. Anyhoo, tonight she went blasting down the hall and into Olivia's room with Sam and I hot on her trail. The door closed just in front if us, and we pushed it open and began searching for her in her usual spots...the rose petal cottage, behind the glider, in the closet, etc. and couldn't find her. We were both quite perplexed until the door pushed gently,and there was naked Claire, having stumped us both! Little stinker! And speaking of that, she was poopy right before dinner tonite, and when Ryan picked her up to carry her off for a much- needed change, she yelled "Eeeewwww, poopoo! mama, HELP!".

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