Monday, June 11, 2007

Almost time!

At my doctor's appointment on Friday, June 8 (happy 5th anniversary us!) I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced! I think that's good news, but with the boys I didn't dilate or efface AT ALL until late in my labor. I was actually at the doctor's each time during the day with the boys and was told I wasn't doing anything and would probably be late. I've had ALOT of cramping and Braxton Hicks contractions lately, but you never know! I'm starting to feel more anxious about the boys' reactions to the baby and the changes than I am about the house cleaning now. I was awake at 5:30 this morning thinking through all the possible scenarios for people coming to stay with the boys, depending on the day I go into labor. June 21st, is my ideal day because it allows my mom to come up for the birth, spend a couple of weekend nights here taking care of the boys while we're at the hospital, and then head home for work for the week. Ryan would be off that week, so I would have help for the first week home. Then my mom would return Friday the 29th and stay through July 8, and Roger would come for the week of July 9. I would have 3 straight weeks of help, which I have never had anything close to for the other births! I'm sure I'll need it this time more than ever!
Olivia's room is all done, and I am so pleased with the result. I ended up fabric dying white pillow shams and bedskirt pink because I refused to pay $95 for that, and they came out really well! We had to cut down the roman shade a little, but miraculously, that worked out well too! It's a relief to have all those things done. Everything is washed up, the batteries are changed in all the baby gadgets, and the bassinet is at the ready! My hospital bag is MOSTLY packed, and I've wrapped the babies I plan to give the boys at the hospital. I am hoping they will take care of "their" babies, while I take care of Olivia, but we'll see how that goes. I stocked up at Wal-mart today on all the non perishables, and plan to make two freezer meals this week, lasagna and chicken enchiladas, so that will help too. I haven't finished cleaning the floorboards, doors, light fixtures, and carpets yet, but the nesting bug seems to have slowed a bit in the past week or so. I did clean out the pantry and freezer today because I would be ashamed to have someone staying here with the boys come across some of the nastiness I uncovered! Ewww!
Well, Miss Olivia, we are all anxiously awaiting your arrival and can't wait to see your beautiful face or discover who you will be. I know your brothers will be enchanted with you, especially Jack, and I think you will grow to be Sam's pet as well. I think you may be the last addition to this family, but we may decide we want to expand some more in a few years. We'll have to wait and see how things go. You make your appearance whenever you think you're ready, but if you wanna make Mama happy, please come sometime between now and the 21st! Hope your journey is safe and more pleasant than it will be for me! See you on the other side, baby girl!

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