Friday, April 4, 2008

Behind again...

I have been in a flurry of home improvement projects lately. In the last week we have repainted our laundry room and taken down the cabinets and hung new shelves, added storage space to our attic, painted the living room (and I hate it and need to repaint it AGAIN!) and begun half a dozen other projects. We have bought paint for the foyer and the upstairs hallway, the master bath, and the kitchen. We have big plans for wanscotting and picture moulding in the dining room. Whew, no wonder I haven't been blogging!
Anyhow, these are a few tidbits from this week:
Ryan: "Sam, you can't go outside right now. It's raining and cold"
S: (putting Jackson's shoes on his feet on the wrong feet and still tied) "Yesh, I go outside and pway."
Ryan: "No, not today. Maybe tomorrow if it's nice outside."
S: (throws shoes across the room)
R: "Sam, go pick up your shoes and put them away."
S: "No, I too busy."
R: "Sam, go pick up your shoes and put them away or you're going to time-out"
S: "No, I said I TOO BUSY to cwean up yor cwose!"

Jackson in the car today as the kids ate Wendy's burgers so I could drive through the bank atm, deposit money, get stamps, and mail some letters.
"Mom, oh no, my sandwich pa-peered!!"
"WHAT? What happened to your sandwich?"
"I don't know where it is. It just pa-peered."
"You mean DIS appeared?"
"Yeah, my sandwich pa-peered!"
We never did find it (shudder).


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Fern said...

That is AWESOME! I love the pa-peered burger. Your car is going to smell terrific.

I'm impressed with your home improvement projects! I hope you are going to take before-and-after pics.

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