Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lovin' Sydney

My friend has an adorable daughter about 6 months younger than Sammy named Sydney. This morning the boys had a playdate planned with their friends Charlie and Jonah. When they woke up, Jackson said "Mom, what are we doing today? " I told him Charlie and Jonah were coming over to play. He said "Think they will try to take my Lightning (his Lightning McQueen matchbox car that the Easter Bunny put in his basket and that he carries around with him all the time)?"
I replied "Well, they might. But you could share it with them." Sammy jumped into the conversation then and said "I would shawe my wightnin wif Sydney. I rike Sydney. Sydney my faybrit."
While they were eating breakfast, I went upstairs to get their clothes, and when I came down I saw Sammy looking at his placemat and pretending to read it saying "Sydney wuvs Sammy. Sydney wuvs Sammy." Sydney's mom said she'd go ahead and set up the marriage. After all, she is a very talented wedding coordinator!

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