Monday, June 16, 2008

Fifi the fish

An older neighbor from across the street stopped by today to see if we might want a fish. They are a retired couple, and they go on grand excursions overseas for months at a time, and she said she received it as a joke, and since they are heading overseas for the next month, she thought my boys might like a "blue" fish.
We already have one beta fish, mind you. When Jackson was about 16 months old, and Sam was about 3 months old, I decided they needed a fish. Jackson was fascinated with them and besides, they don't live that long, right?
WRONG. 27 months later he is still going strong. Jack could barely talk at the time, and his word for fish sounded like "BEE" so we named our fish "B".
As the neighbor went back to her house to collect he fish and his accoutrements, I asked the boys if they thought we should name the fish "Dori" since she had said the fish was blue. "Nah," Jack said. "Because Dori is nice and flat," he reasoned as he held his hand up showing me flat and demonstrating how a flat fish swims. "I think we should name it Fifi. Fifi the fish." Sammy still took to calling it Dori, and as we drank our root beer floats this evening, Ryan asked Jack if Fifi was a boy fish or a girl fish and Jack said "He's a girl." So we now have a tranny beta fish named Fifi. Welcome to the circus.

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