Monday, June 16, 2008

Too many kids

Last week I had too many kids. Monday through Wednesday I was stranded in our house with no car while Ryan took my van to work, thus making me and the kids COMPLETELY stir crazy.
Thursday morning I had my friend Emily's kids while she went to her mother's. Thursday afternoon we invited Connor over for a sleepover, and the little boy across the street saw us playing and made his way into my house. The boys stayed up TOO late and woke up at 6:30 am- an unheard of hour in this house. Friday morning I called Connor's mom and told her to bring his brother over to play with Sam when she came to pick him up. I watched another friend's two little girls that morning so she could go to a school assembly for her older daughter. Oh, and did I mention that Ryan was out car shopping every night and not home to help until the kids were in bed? AND that Livi had an ear infection? By Friday night I was ready to declare war on all people under the age of 10 and crack open a LARGE bottle of wine. Aah, a new week.

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