Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Help! I lost a month...

This last month has been so incredibly busy I have scarcely had time to breathe! We have had loads of overnight guests, and been out of town 3 times. We have been working on projects around the house, and had new hardwoods installed in our living room and kitchen, and our old hardwoods refinished to match. We have purchased a new car because the Jeep finally gave up the ghost, and we have had to replace the windshield on the new car because of a flying rock on the interstate. Our garage door has stopped working, and we are still trying to get that fixed. Olivia has turned one, so that means a party for her including homemade invitations, tons of food, house cleaning, and more houseguests. I have had a pregnancy scare including a false positive pregnancy test and a blood test at the doctor's. We have been sick TWICE. We spent a week at my mom's while the floors were redone, and then came home with just a day to clean up, move the furniture back, buy the food and get all set for Liv's garden tea party. Then my sister and 4 of her kids stayed on for the rest of the week until the fourth of July when we all headed to my other sister's house for the night. My digital camera is broken and needs to be sent off for repairs, and if anything else breaks I just might scream!
THIS has been a CRAZY MONTH, and I'm looking forward to spending THREE whole weeks at home until we head to the beach on the 26th! Maybe, just maybe I'll get caught up.

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TheFiveDays said...

WOW. That's a crazy month!!! But you still sound sane, congratulations... :)