Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

That's what Sam said to Olivia when he kissed her goodnight tonight....um, yes, it is January 6th!
Since turning three, Sammy has been hammin' it up even more than ever! Today was the boys' first day back at school, and I made cupcakes for Sam's preschool class. When I picked him up, his teacher returned the basket I used for the Christmas favors, and I had to ask about the cupcake container.
Me: Is the cupcake container still downstairs?
Her: What cupcake container?
Me: The one I used to send in the cupcakes for Sam's birthday today?
Her: We didn't get any cupcakes today.
Me: Um, are you SERIOUS? Cause I sent in a dozen cupcakes with the teacher with the little raccoon puppet this morning!?!
Long story short, they were left in the wrong room and I'll be sending cupcakes again Thursday! HOWEVER, she also said when Sam got to school he wanted to sing the "Shake, shake" song. She said "Sam, I don't know what song the Shake Shake song is" and he said "You know, the shake your booty song!" Heehee! I still don't really know what that means.
For Christmas Santa brought him the geotrax airplane track barn and Loopy Loco the airplane, so when I asked him what he would say if his teachers asked him what Santa brought, he said "He brought me a stable, right Mom?" and proceeded to chant "Stable, stable" while dancing in his car seat. Too funny!
Then tonight after bathtime he was running around in a hooded towel. Ryan said to him "Oh, are you a little baby" and he said "No, I'm a wedding one." I guess he meant a bride! Our naked little bride...

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