Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sam continues to mess with Jack...

On Tuesday when I picked the boys up from school, we were on our way home when Olivia said "Mama, you have a spider on your hair." I of course, began freaking out and trying to swat the supposed spider from my head, frantically asking the boys if THEY could see anything.
They assured me nothing was there and Jack said, "Mom, a spider couldn't be on your head anyway, right?"
I corrected him to say that yes, a spider could be on your head. It could fall from a tree, or climb up, or sometimes even jump from one surface to another.
Out of nowhere Jack said "Mom, what's a tick?"
"Um, it's a bug...why do you ask?"
J- "Because I had one on my HEAD one time, REMEMBER?!" (Obviously I'm a moron!)
S- "Yeah, ticks can jump on your head like this....boing, boing."
J- "How do YOU know, Sam?"
S- "Because we talked about Ticks today at school. We read a story about them, and learned facts about them, and I even drew a PICTURE of a tick jumping onto a person's head. I call it 'A tick on a cloud.' "
Jack, obviously impressed, proceeded to ask Sam questions about his newfound knowledge of ticks, and Sam repeatedly answered without missing a beat.
Throughout the day, Sam continued to rattle off random bits of "tick trivia" to Jack, who soaked it all up like a sponge. At dinner, Jack asked Sam a question about ticks and said "Did you learn about that today too?"
Sam, grinning like a cheshire cat said "Nah, we didn't actually learn about ticks today. I was just kiddin' ya."
Jack was very upset, yelling "MOOOOM, Sam LIED about school today."
After he composed himself he said "Well, I made a Christmas tree at school today."
Sam barely glanced up from his plate and said "No you didn't. You're just saying that to trick me because I tricked you."

Yup, he's still THREE. We are so screwed. ;-)

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