Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I survived 4 days alone...

with a 5 yo, 4 yo, 2.5 yo, and 7 week old! I may need to have t-shirts made that say just that! Ryan was in San Diego from Sunday at 4 am until Wed nite at 1 am. Major obstacles: getting the kids ready in the mornings (but my wonderful Tammy came and helped with that), karate lessons, gardening, and Sam getting diarrhea/projectile vomiting. But hey, I survived, I planted most of the veggie garden, I kept the house picked up, I cleaned out my closet, and I did Tons of laundry to completion....and most of all, I didn't kill ANY of the kids. So, rock on me! Rock on with yo motherin' self! ;-)

Edited to add:
That diarrhea/projectile vomiting incident turned into "Puke and Poopapalooza 2010" in our house. The three older kids ALL got it, and we endured 5-7 days of endless shifts on the cleanup crew. Finally, after a solid 5 nights of getting up and changing sheets because every night SOMEONE had thrown up or had diarrhea IN THEIR BEDS, Ryan was getting ready for work when Olivia started crying because she had more diarrhea IN HER BED. Ryan took her to the tub while I nursed Claire, and then Jack came running into our bedroom because Sam had thrown up ...wait for it...DOWN THE STAIRS. And you know what? My husband BAILED. He looked at me and said "I gotta go to work." I stood there with a newborn in my arms, surround by stench and funk and stinky kids and he said "If I stay, you're just gonna have one more person to clean up after. I gotta get outta here." And just like that he escaped! We survived though, and I like to think we are stronger for it. At least that's what we keep telling ourselves. *Shudder*

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