Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sweet baby smells and sweet baby coos

You continue to be such a sweet baby. I love to hold you and just stare at you. You are growing cuter by the minute, and now that you smile those huge gummy smiles, that make your dimples ridiculously deep and your eyes completely light up, I am powerless against your every wish! You coo at me and the kids, and find very few things to complain about...perhaps a diaper that has been soiled too long, an occasional desire to be held while you sleep, a car ride that you just don't want to be on, or hunger. Overall, you are just so pleasant. You smell like baby, and I could just soak you up all the time, knowing in my heart you will probably be my last baby. My last one month old, I say to myself as that month ends. My last two month old I am saying as that date approaches in 5 days. As I see you outgrowing the 0-3 month clothes, I will be so sad to part with them, knowing I won't need them again. My friend Jayne posted a link on Facebook last night, "The Gift of an Ordinary Day" by Katrina Kenison and it all rings true. It made me cry, but it also made me a better mother by reminding me that when mothering so many little ones, the days are long, but the years are fleeting. Sigh.

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