Saturday, July 11, 2009

Scene from yesterday

The kids were hungry, and it just so happened there were four yogurts left in the fridge. Peach was about all I could stomach, so I doled out the other three without checking the flavors. Sam ended up with mixed berry, Olivia got peach like me, and Jackson got mango. He looked at the front and immediately the complaining began:
Jack: "I don't like this kind. That's not fair. I like the other kinds, but not FLAMINGO!"
Me: chuckling, "Flamingo is a bird, Jack, and they don't put birds in yogurt. That's all there is so stop complaining and eat your snack."
Sam: "What kind is it then, Mom?"
Me: knowing that saying mango would be a death trap at this point, "It's tropical."
Sam: "Mmmm, I like trockipal!"
Jackson immediately corrected his pronunciation, and Sam agreeable said
"Well, sometimes I say stuff wrong because I'm a kid, right mom?"
So right, Sammy, and I'm going to miss it someday! Love you, buddy!

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