Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Four 5 and under

I'm officially pregnant again, so I'll have to change this blog to "Four, five and under" unless it's twins in which case there will probably be no blog (seeing as how I will be fleeing the country ALONE!)
Nauseous, tired, grouchy, and irritable...how do I always forget between pregnancies what it's like? First dr's appt is on July 13, so here's hoping for ONE healthy baby!


TheFiveDays said...

CONGRATULATIONS Miriam! What wonderful news! Although I am sorry about the morning sickness...ugh, I hate that part. I hope this first trimester goes quickly for you and you are soon on to the more fun portions of being pregnant!


michelle said...

I cant wait for my seventh cousin
your niece,leah

Annie said...

I'm way behind, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's so exciting!