Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Swimming lessons, karate, and cousins, oh my!

The summer has been so full! The boys have taken swimming lessons, and are now doing great at the pool without any assistance, which is LOVELY! Even Olivia is swimming with her water wings, and there are days I don't even have to get in with them! Hurray!
This week marks the second week of karate lessons for the boys, which they adore! Playing dodgeball at the end is their favorite part, and getting their uniforms yesterday was so exciting! There have been lots of "yes SIRS" since it started, and I'm looking forward to watching them develop more and more confidence and independence as a result.
Not only were their cousins Becca, Kiki, and Josh here the week before July 4th, but their cousins Leah, Emmy and Matt were here last week, and Ryan and Jacey were here over the past weekend. The kids don't know what to do with an empty house now, but with beach preparations in full swing, we're definitely filling the days. It's time now to start buying school supplies, enjoying our beach vacation, and soaking up the last of the summer fun!

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