Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pwease, Sir.

The boys have both been working really hard on their manners lately, which makes me proud and cracks me up every day. They say excuse me when they "toot" or burp. They say excuse me when they need to interrupt me either from a conversation or some other engrossing task. They say please and thank you without being prompted or reminded. But Sam has begun saying "Pwease, sir" when asking for things at the dinner table, no matter who he is addressing. So dinner sounds like this (imagine a loud child's voice, about 10 decibals above where it needs to be and usually adressing ME)

And Jackson's need to follow instructions exactly made Ryan crack up tonight while trying to discipline him.
Bathtime was over and the boys were in their pjs. They came to their room to select a library book to read before bed, and Jackson wanted to play cars. When Ryan sent him to choose his book, he became agitated and made a disgusted face at Ryan while saying he was FWUSTWATED with us. Ryan told him to apologize and was met with more defiance. He calmly said "Jack, come stand right here" and put his finger to a spot on the play mat right in front of him. Jack walked over, and nearly fell, losing his balance from trying to put both feet on the tiny spot Ryan had pointed to. We both burst out laughing. Jack was too intent on getting the spot right to even laugh at the situation. We have an extreme people pleaser on our hands!

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