Tuesday, May 6, 2008


My mom and grandmother were here this past weekend, and the kids LOVED having the extra attention! Saturday night when we put the kids to bed, Sam had one of his crying spells and cried about everything under the sun. When we finally just closed the door and went out, mom and I waited outside their door listening to them talk. At first, Jackson was yelling at Sam to be quiet and just go to sleep. But after a few minutes, Sammy started saying he was scared. Jackson said "But Sammy, see that dot up there (the smoke detector)? It keeps us safe." Sam said "But, Jashon, the skwatchy monster gonna get me and eat me all up." And Jack said "Mom says there's no such thing as a scratchy monster, Sam." And Sam said "Yeah, Mom says 'There's no scratchy monsters. It's just shadows.'" After we came downstairs, we could hear them softly singing the theme to the musical Annie "Tomorrow" softly together in their room. Who knew they actually listened when I talk? Not me!
Olivia is doing all kinds of new tricks now, including waving, clapping and saying YAY!, pointing to things, saying "Uh-oh," pulling up, cruising, and pretending to talk on the phone (with the remote). These are all things I remember the boys doing, but it seems like she's just flying through the milestones and I can hardly believe she will celebrate her first birthday NEXT MONTH. Yowza.

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