Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bizarro World

I think I have spent the last two days in bizarro world. After a couple weeks of the kids driving me nearly mad, it seems they have become DIFFERENT kids.
I think Olivia has been teething or something because she has been an absolute monster for a few weeks. She wants up, no down. She wants every toy her brothers pick up. She wants her milk AND their milks AND my coffee and don't you dare tell her no. The theatrics she pulls, OH the theatrics; she throws herself down (carefully of course) looking over her shoulder between wails to make sure someone is watching, screaming like a banchee, nose dripping snot. Her most used word has been "MINE" and anytime I am trying to accomplish something, aka a phone call, cleaning, or dinner, she wraps her arms around my legs screaming "MOMMEEEE" over and over until I pick her up. I mean, she's been a REAL treat is all I'm sayin'!
The boys have been fighting like cats and dogs. Screaming matches, hitting each other, stealing toys, you name it, they've been doing it.
But for the last two days, the three of them have been heading into the playroom TOGETHER, without being asked, and have played happily and quietly together for HOURS at a time. I kid you not. It has been AWESOME but also totally freaky. I'm starting to think there's been some kind of alien abduction/substitution prank pulled on me. We'll see what happens. Perhaps the Halloween sugar implosion will bring back my usual holy terrors. Only time will tell! Until then, I'm gonna LIVE IT UP! Woohoo!

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