Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and other tidbits

I'm going to have to come back and post pictures because apparently our laptop is dying a slow and painful death and I am having to store my pictures directly on the backup drive. And to be honest, I'm far too lazy to even consider going upstairs to the desk to do that to come!
We had a fun Halloween celebration yesterday and today. Yesterday at the preschool the kids dressed in costume and the parents stayed for a fun parade. My two little supermans were fabulous and marched right along as they should. Then as room mother for both classes, I provided the treats and favors for Sam's class and stayed to help with the party in Jack's class. It was so much fun to be able to watch him in action. He's quiet, but not too quiet. I was pleased to see him thriving there. And I have learned SO much about food allergies this year! In Sam's class the treats have to be Gluten free, egg free, dairy free, and peanut free, so it has been an interesting challenge. But I enjoy a good challenge and so for the first teacher birthday we had colored rice krispies treats made with gluten free rice cereal, dairy free butter, and gluten free marshmallows! For Halloween I made a trail mix with the gluten free rice chex, dairy free butter, marshmallows, dates, dried apples, and raisins with a cinnamony, sugary, appley flavor. It was actually pretty good! Much better than the way too sticky rice krispies treats. I offered Sam a second one when we got home from school that day and he said "NO, I don't want those. They're TOO STICKY!" Well, thanks kid. That's appreciation for ya'!
This morning we went to a local outdoor mall that does trick or treating, hayrides, and a petting zoo. Then we grabbed pizza. On our way home, I told the boys that Halloween wasn't over and when it got dark we would trick or treat in our neighborhood.
"AGAIN?!?" Jackson asked incredulously.
Ryan and I laughed and said yes.
Jackson began explaining to us complete with elaborate hand motions all about trick or treating in the daytime and THEN trick or treating at night. When Ryan and I laughed again, he got mad and said "Hey, guys, STOP laughing at me."
I said "Jack, we're not laughing AT you, we're laughing WITH you." He paused, deep in thought and was quiet for a moment. Then he said "BUUUUT, I wasn't laughing AT ALL!" Which of course made us laugh AGAIN and further agitated him!
They were troopers out trick or treating, but by the end of our street, Jackson was DYING of thirst, so we headed one street over and then cut back through our backyard.
Each time I took off Sam's costume, both yesterday and today, he would say "And now I'm turned back into Sammy!"
Olivia marched up and down the streets, trying to trade candy with the neighbors, politely saying her "Thank you" which sounds more like "Day doo" in a sing songy voice that I LOVE! She was a hit and charmed everyone we met. I think I was threatened with kidnapping about a million times today! My adorable little supergirl! I'm not sure who loved them being the "Superteam" more- Olivia or the boys!
Jackson's fourth birthday will be Thursday and I simply can't believe that's possible. And while for the past three years I have gone pretty much ALL OUT on his birthday, I had made some elaborate plans this year and was staring to laze out a little on them. UNTIL yesterday. One of the projects he brought home from school was a long strip of paper with his handprints on it. It said "My family is special because..." and he responded "We have good birthdays." And suddenly all the HOURS I have poured into their birthdays in the past are all worth it. And I can't wait for his party this weekend. It's going to be the best one yet, buddy. I promise.

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