Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One fine day

The kids and I had a really good day today. We woke up pretty late, snuggled under the warm covers watching tv for a while, and then finally snuck downstairs for some breakfast- if you can call fudge covered granola bars and milk "breakfast!" The kids played away the morning, peacefully if you can believe it, and Olivia took a decent nap. When she woke up, we headed out to McD's for some lunch, then headed to Target to browse, and finally hit the library for a new stash of books to snuggle up and read together. Of course at Target we found more than the items I planned to buy, including some Halloween flashlights with little disks that change to witches, or pumpkins, or ghosts. Those have been tons of fun for the boys today. We also found these little spider craft kits that I assumed (because they were called RACING spiders) included two full motorized spiders that you decorate and race. However, when we got home, my sister called and I had to take that call and give fondue ingredient advice. Sam threw a fit and I sent him to his room where he promptly fell asleep, and my neighbor called to get an opinion on the new paint color for her kitchen. The kids and I ran over there for a bit, in the meantime getting a call from Ryan that he had a last minute black tie dinner to attend and did I mind if he went? Not really, so when he got home to change clothes we were at the kitchen table making our "racing spiders" who turned out to SHARE a motor, so only one would go at a time. The boys handled it well, but were disappointed, so we hopped back in the car and ran back to Target where we got not only the last spider box, but also some monsters and skeletons to do another day! We grabbed Arby's on the way home (or the curly fry place as the boys call it- yeah, not a banner day for health food around here, but whaddya gonna do?) and as they heard me order the coveted Jamocha shake, cheers erupted from the back of my van- the silver rocket. Jackson said "Mom, this is a great world. And this has been a really great day."
We wrapped it up by coming home to eat, and the boys drank the shake while I put Livi to bed. They played with their new racing spiders and flashlights while I cleaned up the kitchen and put away toys, and then they took a lingering warm bath. We read 5 new library books, and they are now peacefully resting in their beds waiting to drift off to sleep.
I couldn't agree more, Jack. This IS a great world, and it was a really great day.

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fern said...

It sounds like the greatest day ever! I love low-key days like that.