Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Right now...

the house is actually pretty peaceful. Jackson is quietly watching "Cars" while Sam and Liv play pleasantly together in the playroom. The last few weeks, however, not so restful.
Last Tuesday the boys decided to guzzle some Robitussen while I was in the shower, so I had to call our doctor, poison control, and once determining that they were fine, tell their teachers at preschool that they might be a little "off" because they drank cold medicine that morning. Yikes! I think I scared them by crying and saying they could die, because for the rest of the morning everything was "I will go really quick and then sit back down at the table so I don't die" and "Oh No! I finished my breakfast but Sammy didn't so he's going to DIE!" Dramatics- I can't imagine where they get that from!
I am in the midst of my sewing class, which has meant multiple trips to the fabric store, and Tuesday evenings are completely tied up with that. Add to it practicing during the week and completing "homework" for the next week and it's a little more work than I expected.
As the room mom for both of the boys classes, I have two Halloween parties to plan, party favor bags to make, and a teacher birthday party to take care of.
Jackson's birthday is in the beginning of November, so I've been trying to hash out the details of his "Lightning McQueen" party, making invitations, gathering materials, and ordering supplies. On one hand, the way overboard thing I do with their birthdays is tiring, but I know I only have a few years to do these things before they don't want it anymore, so I'm trying to live it up and make some fabulous memories for them while I have the chance.
I have seen a million adorable Halloween decorations online, and I've been dutifully heading to Michael's on Tuesdays and Thursdays to gather craft materials to make some of those things. When I'll have time to actually make them- who knows?
Halloween costume decisions have changed about a million times and I need to head back out to take care of that. The first round didn't fit, and now we can't seem to decide what to be! I wanted to do a little theme or something (like the three little pigs and Big Bad Wolf), but the boys are pretty determined to be superheroes. Occasionally monkeys or bears, but mostly superheroes.
We had a yard sale last Saturday, so most of that week when I had a few extra minutes I was working on getting ready for that.
I know all these little things shouldn't be enough to make me feel swamped, but man they do!
Hopefully things will settle down next week!

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TheFiveDays said...

Wow, I am exhausted just from reading that, let alone doing any of it! I am glad everyone was okay after the medicine chug-a-lug...I did get a chuckle over the dramatics, though!

You are brave being room mom for TWO classrooms. Whew. :)

Have a great day!