Saturday, September 13, 2008

The first day of preschool

The boys began preschool on Tuesday. I spent the night before getting the teacher gifts ready, packing their snacks and change of clothes, and going over all the information before the next morning. I am so excited to be the room mother for BOTH of the boys' classes this year, but we'll see how I feel about that in May ;-)
The morning was rushed, and I made a special smiley face breakfast with mini peanut butter waffle sandwich eyes, half a banana for a nose, and bacon for the mouth. They also asked for blueberries and milk, so all in all it was a pretty solid breakfast. We were running late because the ONE THING I didn't pack the night before was socks, and I could not find TWO matching pairs that went with their clothes, so Sam ended up wearing sandals.
When we got to school, I loaded Liv into the stroller and the boys put on their backpacks and we marched up to the front door. They took the stairs and Liv and I took the elevator and met them on the bottom floor. Jackson was a little timid about going into class, but once he realized 3 of his playgroup friends and 3 of his classmates from last year were already in there playing, he dove right in.
Sam was basically like taking a 12 year old to school. He went in, put away his bookbag, said good morning to his teacher, and set about playing with his friends. He didn't tear up, he didn't look back, he had absolutely no fear. I love that about him.
In the completely opposite way, I love that Jackson DOES tear up, that he wants to be reassured that I will be back soon, and that he still "needs' me. He actually asked on Thursday on our way in to school if he could just be in Sam's class with him! Um, no cause he's 2 and you're 3!
At pickup, Sam was happily kicking a ball with his teacher, and was thrilled to see me. We picked Jackson up in the car line, and he looked so small and yet still so grown up standing in line with his bookbag on his little back.
I think it's going to be a great year.

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Jodie Allen said...

what did you give the teachers for the first day? i didn't even think of that! am i the bad mom? ugh! the pressure is starting already!