Friday, September 5, 2008

Wounded butterfly

A few weeks ago the boys found 2 caterpillars on my dill plant while I was out working in the garden. They had two friends over, and all four were SOOOOO excited and insisted we bring them in the house and made a home for them. They put in leaves,twigs and grass. After their friends left I went in hot internet pursuit of an identity for those little caterpillars. By the time I discovered they were black swallowtails and that they eat dill (DUH!) and parsley, one had already met his maker. The other was still alive and well and eating up a storm (and more grossly POOPIN up a storm- I mean seriously, don't I already deal with enough poop every day?) and we decided to keep him to watch him morph into a butterfly. WELLLL, he sat on the kitchen counter in his little container with the slits cut through the top while I worked on his new home. And when I finished his home and went to get him, I was all "WHA? WHERE'S THE CATERPILLER?" He was gone. I searched all over the darn kitchen and couldn't find him and wat TOTALLY grossed out thinking about how one day I would find a dead dried up caterpillar somewhere in my cabinets.
Fast forward to yesterday. The boys were playing spiderman at the gas fireplace because they think the metal screen is his web, and all of a sudden I was interrupted while cooking dinner by the boys yelling "Hey! Mom! A butterfly!!!" I went to see what all the fuss was about and sure enough, there was a butterfly with only one good wing flopping around but totally blending in with the black marble floor. I thought there was no way, but sure enough there was his chrysalis hanging from the side of our fireplace, and he had popped out while the boys were right there playing. Poor guy was probably STARVING by the time he made it the 30-some feet from the kitchen island to the fireplace. Ryan and I were laughing how he must've totally survived on goldfish crumbs he found all over the floor along the way. I'm fighting for him, but Ryan thinks with the broken wing and all, the writing is already on the wall for our little butterfly. Last night the boys found about 12 more caterpillars on the dill plant, so it looks like there will be many butterflies roaming my house in the coming weeks. Wish us luck!

I'll post pictures when I get a minute!

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TheFiveDays said...

Very cute...the butterfly, and the fact that the boys use the fireplace as Spiderman's web. :)

Well, at least you've done all the research for the next round!