Monday, September 8, 2008

Sammy the sidekick

Sunday morning the kids were driving us CARAZY inside, so we shooed them out and then joined them on the back porch with the newspaper. I sipped my coffee, read the circulars and comics, while Ryan read the actual paper. The kids went to the sandbox for a while, then to the treehouse, then to the garden, then kicked a ball around, making their way back to the deck after each activity. At one point, Jackson came up the steps and wanted a chair to sit in. I told him to just sit on top of the two that were still stacked. "What?" he said. "You want me to sit on the DOUBLE?"
And then he yelled "Sammy, WHOA-EEE-EEEEWWWW-OOOOO" in this strange call to sidekick sort of thing. "Look, Sammy, I'm sitting on a double!" Ryan and I both started laughing- I think I may have gotten coffee up my nose. BUT I may have peed my pants if Sam had A. responded with a similar yell, acknowledging the call of his leader, or B. gotten up from the sandbox and started running toward Jackson. Look out, Batman and Robin- there's a new team in town!
Aaaah, good times.

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