Monday, September 1, 2008

An outing with three very small children...

goes a little something like this...
Pack up all the stuff. Pacifiers, loveys, drinks, snacks, lunch, diapers, wipes, changes of clothes, hats, sunblock, strollers, etc.
Take a 75 minute ride in the car with noisy kids either fighting, crying, or asking if we're there yet.
Pull up to the apple/peach orchard at lunchtime (read: naptime) with high hopes, and a small brain
Eat a fairly pleasant picnic lunch and then head out to pick fresh fruit
Walk past all the apples (up a very steep dirt road) in search of fresh peaches only to find the peach trees are COMPLETELY picked over- no peaches, not even on the ground
Send husband and baby on a scouting mission for peaches
Drag tired, thirsty, hot, and whiney boys up several more hills in search of Daddy, baby, and peaches
Find them and collect the peaches they have stored in their pockets
At this point, the Daddy decides to leave the Mommy alone with the three kids despite her fervent pleas not to leave her alone for the sake of a few crappy peaches
Have two year old rub a peach on his neck and start shreiking that "Ack! The bugs are getting ME! I'm gettin' sunbuwned! Ouch!"
While you deal with the two year old, have the one year old tumble BACKWARDS down a steep hill, head over heels while you scramble to keep the other two up on their feet, screaming at your husband to get back there RIGHT THIS MINUTE!
Engage in dramatics as you calm your baby while your two sons decide to take off their shoes because they are dirty and have gravel in them and they don't want to walk anymore.
Have husband carry one child on shoulders, one (now poopy) child in his arms, with sweat dripping off his nose while you carry the baby and you pass the bag of peaches back and forth
Head to your stylin' minivan to change the poopy diapers and regroup before heading back out for apples
At this point, things will start to look up except for the fact that when you go to pay for the peaches, you will find someone (probably a couple of small someones) have been JUMPING on the bag and you have several good peaches and alot of peach soup
Taaaadaaaaa! Day trip. Don't you want kids?

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TheFiveDays said...

THIS is why we barely leave the house!!! LOL! I'm too tired by the time I've gotten all the stuff together... ;)

You were very brave to attempt peach picking with all of them!