Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The heartbreak of the drop-off line

So Connor didn't go to school today. And that means I had to take Jackson to school myself. And of course it was the first morning I had decided to just stay in my Pjs until after Tammy picked him up, and then take a luxurious shower while Livi took her morning nap and Sam watched tv. Not so much.
Instead, I spent the morning running around like a crazy person trying to get myself and all three kids ready to go in about a 45 minute window. Showering, dressing myself and the kids, making breakfast and them actually eating it, feeding baby sister, packing Jack's bag, and getting all 3 kids loaded into "the silver rocket" just isn't intended to occur in 45 minutes. But we made it, and no one suffered too greatly. (Nevermind the fact that Livi rode in the car in baby food covered pjs again. So much for good intentions!)
Jack warned me on the way that he was planning to cry, and he delivered. I almost wish he would just throw a good old fashioned tantrum so I could drive away thinking "Ha, those sucker teachers have to deal with him this morning! See you in three hours! Hahahaha!"
Unfortunately, he just does this sad tearful eye thing while he watches me drive away and I glimpse big tears spilling over and splashing on his cold, pink cheeks in my rear view mirror. Ouch. Good thing I stayed up all night to get him in next year, seeing how much he loves it and all. Heh.

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