Friday, January 11, 2008

To Sam, my beloved two year old baby boy

You are two now, although today at the doctor's office you said you were five, then three, then finally admitted to being only two. I see glimpses every now and then of the boy and man you will someday become, but your chubby legs and sometimes unintelligible talk remind me that you are still only a baby after all. You LOOOOVE to eat, and had your first Klondike bar yesterday for dessert after dinner. You oohed and aaahed, and especially MMmmmed and kept saying things like "mmmm, thats derishus," and "mmmm, I RIKE chokrat," and "mmmm, Daddy, you rike chokrat, too," and "chokrat is my faybrit!" Daddy and I laughed at how intensely you enjoyed your treat. And that's not the only cause for celebration! The mere mention of "candy" can cause such jubiliation that you cannot help but throw your waving hands in the air as you call out "Yah, CANDY," and run in the direction from which it is being offered. You adore your baby sister and constantly snuggle up to her, all the while forgetting that at 35 pounds and 38 inches, you are off the charts in comparison to other two years olds, and just a bit too big to lay on top of her.
Jackson is your best friend by a longshot, and I love to watch the two of you interact. Sometimes you are more than happy to allow Jack to lead, to drive the car for you, to tell you where to put your toys, to instruct you on how to play with nearly everything. But then the rebellious Sammy pops out and you decide you want to do things your own way and will fight tooth and nail to make that happen. You bring Jack to tears just by saying "No" to him, and you certainly say it ALOT! But you can be so sweet to each other when you want to be. Today when we showed Jackson your birthday invitations when he woke up after you from his nap, you said "Wook, Jashon, my birday pahty....YAH!!! wanna come, you?" And whenever someone asks you if they can come to your Nemo birthday party you say..."Yesh, you may," which always throws them off guard because they said CAN and you correctly responded with MAY! And tonight when you got out of the bathtub and Daddy was dressing you in your PJs you said you wanted Jackson's lambie. And Daddy told you not to get your hopes up because he might say no, but you responded confidently, "He will say YESH." And he did- kind of! He said you couldn't have his HOLE lambie, but you could have NEW lambie!
You LOVE to have friends over, and you can be as rough and tumble as any of the older boys on the street. And sharing food with friends; well, it just doesn't get much sweeter than that in the book of Sam.
You know all your colors, shapes, animal sounds, foods, and even some letters and numbers. Your memory is so sharp your father and I marvel at all your observations and declarations.
Spiderman is a big thing for you, and you have been declaring yourself Spiderman for quite some time now. I am usually the "Gween Gobwin." But you are unselfish in your love of toys and spiderman, and even food. Sharing is almost never an issue with you.
But my how you try me in other ways, Sammy. I hope someday your firm resistance and desire to test people will serve you well in properous and ambitious ways because you are one hard headed two year old! You are quick to apologize sometimes, and other times will refuse despite repeated punishments and time outs. I don't know if you refuse based on principle or simply because you enjoy a challenge, but you ARE a challenge.
You make me laugh every day and cause me to smile every time I think of you. I love you baby and I'm so proud to be your Mommy.

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