Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Many unrelated thoughts/events

So, has it really been over a week since I last posted here? YIKES! Here's the latest:
We had Sam's Nemo birthday party on Saturday here at the house- went very well, will post pics when I get them. He loved it all and the kids had a blast- mostly he wanted cake, and he made that clear from the get-go!
I am still working at my small part time job, although I tried to call and quit Friday and my weenie self ended up working on Sunday. The owner called today and basically said I can make my own schedule and offered me a pay increase, so now I'm even more weenied out so my friends are going to get me liquored up this weekend so I can find the inner strength to quit ;-)
In other news, Jackson had a great day at school today, and Mrs. Ray said he was especially good during "circle time." I have absolutely no idea what that means, and Jackson claims they read a story about "Clibbord, the big red dog and sledding," but I have no clue. Sammy has been his usual boisterous self and the boys have taken to teaming up against me at naptime, causing my blood pressure to rise to unsafe levels and my poor mommy head to bang uncontrollably. Olivia, however, continues to be the absolute epitomy of perfect baby, and couldn't be sweeter if she tried. Aaah, girls. Looks like they really are easier at THIS age than boys. We'll see in a few years when I am forced to eat those words.


Fern said...

I love your blog. I feel bad visiting because you said it was just to be a journal for you, so I want to clarify -- is it okay to read? Because I will not read anymore if you would rather it be private! And if it is okay to read, is it okay to add it to my X-treme Parenting blogroll?

(About girls vs boys, my youngest -- a girl -- is a perfect angel and is nearly without original sin. My sister's youngest so far -- a girl also -- was the same. My oldest -- a girl -- was a busy little spitfire and still is. Maybe it is birth order!)

Miriam said...

Hey! I'm glad you stopped in again! I have been reading "Candle at Both Ends" and I can definitely relate to so many things you're going through. I totally don't mind you reading it- I just never considered the possiblility of someone stumbling upon it! And I'd love to be added to your blogroll!