Thursday, January 31, 2008

Interesting day...

Whew, it's been a humdinger around here today! Talk about stressed out! However, the details will remain mum, and I'll leave it at the fact that I no longer have a part time job. I feel a mix of relief and a tinge of regret at the same time. But such is the way of life. On another note, my blog is no longer anonymous, as my sister has discovered me (Hello , Benny, and yes, now I'll have to censor because of you, you bitty!- Ha, just kidding- you know I love ya! Thankfully I didn't have to edit anything about you-yet- hurray!)
The boys had some friends over to play this morning, and when Jackson came into my room at 7 this morning, he immediately said
"Mom, I wanna go down and wait for Connow to come and pway."
"Jack, it's too early."
(Sam) "Wook, Mommy, it's mownin time outside!" (Pulling up the blinds they are not supposed to touch)
I ended up calling my poor neighbor at 8:30 and saying "How soon can you get here? They're driving me crazy. I mean, no pressure or anything. But seriously, get over here NOW!"
After their playdate and naptime, they spent the afternoon entertaining themselves and cramming packets of fruit snacks down their gullets while I spent the afternoon dealing with my work "minicrisis." They so know to take advantage of me on the fruit snack issue while I'm on the phone because they know to keep them quiet so I can hear I'll just keep the tooth rot flowing! Sneaky kids!
Oh, and this bit of cuteness from Livi. Yesterday while she snuggled in bed with us during the first light of morning, she started pushing her pacifier toward Ryan and laughing. So we would prod her and say "Where's Daddy's paci? Can he have it? Will you share?" And she would push it towards him again and giggle. We were convinced for a few moments that these were just the first glimpses of her obvious genius, when we started to think maybe she was just reacting to our smiles and not really understanding our request, being that she turned only 7 months old yesterday.
BUT today, and in the presence of a witness (my neighbor), I asked her to share a puzzle piece with me that she was holding and playing with and she immediately offered it up with a big toothless grin. So, officially she's gorgeous AND smart. Of course. Heehee.
Thank goodness I'm headed out for drinks tomorrow night. I NEEEEEEED it!
Hogknobber (this is a test!)


Fern said...

I love the boys trying to convince you it was already time for them to have their buddies over. My kids were all over the "it's bright outside!" excuse for being up at 5 a.m. all summer. Geez! Learn to tell time already!

I am going to add you to my blogroll. Love your stories about the kids!

Jen said...

Hi Yum - sorry I blew your cover. I don't see the kiddos enough and now that I'm working we don't talk nearly as often... I have to hear about them somehow. You know I love my niece and nephews and I love you too. Sure sounds like Sam is becoming a "mini-KiKi" more and more every day! Feel free to blog about my kids so I have a memoir to look back on someday too!