Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blonde Jokes

We spent the past week at the beach, and it was heavenly. The kids (all nine of them!) were well-behaved, and the trip was relaxing and fun! I'll have pics and such to post hopefully tomorrow, but one of my favorite anecdotes was this:
Two of my nieces were showering, and my sister was in the adjoining bedroom putting on makeup so the girls could not see her as she heard their exchange.
Leah (nearly nine years old, sweet and timid): Becca, your hair looks really dark in the water.
Becca(10 years old, going on 21): Yeah, its not REALLY brown, but it's mostly brown. But that's okay because they say blondes are dumb anyway.
Leah: I would agree with that.
Becca:'re blonde.
Leah: Oh yeah.

Game point...SCORE! Heehee. Love it.

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michelle said...

ok, it was a mistake I DO NOT AGREE THAT BLONDS ARE DUM ,plus if it were true you'd be dum to aunt blondy love you,Leah