Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wow- the kids in bed by eight in the summer?!

We wore them out today. They played outside literally from dawn to dusk while Ryan worked on the front bushes. They ate outside, they drank gallons of milk, water, and juice. They didn't take naps, and they came inside for dinner with little pink cheeks and noses. It was great! And the best part...they were all asleep by 8! I think that's some kind of record since May! Yay!

Yesterday Olivia was adorably playing "tea party" with me in her room. She insisted I hold both cups while I poured our pretend tea, and after the first time I made a psssshhht sound as I poured, she made the sound too. Then she decided her brothers, who were next door in their room jumping on the beds and making a fort out of mattresses and blankets, should definitely have a relaxing cup of tea. I loved watching her toddle over to their room and yell happily as she held out two teeny tiny floral cups for the boys to partake of the tea. They both used their best manners to say "Thank you, baby," and pretended to sip before giving the cups back to their beaming little sister. Those are the moments that make me truly feel it's a wonderful life!

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