Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Straight from the garden

Having a garden has been a great outlet for me this summer. I have LOVED spending the evenings out watering, weeding, and picking my fresh, organic produce. I spent the summer checking out every possible book on growing a garden, and I really wasn't sure what to expect from my first attempt. I actually picked over 40 tomatoes this week and made 5 large containers of homemade marinara, complete with fresh basil, parsley and peppers from my garden, and jarred two large containers of salsa. We've had fresh minestrone soup this week already and the kids and I have been snacking on the salsa like crazy!

I have fond childhood memories of eating from my mother's garden, and every time we visited my grandparents, my pappy smelled like tomato plants. I revel in the earthy, woodsy smell of the dirt and plants, and it has taken alot of the "girly" out of me, actually enjoying getting dirty!

The kids have also loved planting the garden with me and watching it grow. They eat the fresh herbs all the time, especially the basil, mint and dill, and all three pick cherry tomatoes to snack on when they're out playing in the backyard. The other night, Livi was out there just helping herself, and Sammy was happy to get in on the act.

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