Monday, August 18, 2008

My birthday

I turned 29 (YIKES!) on Saturday, and I had a truly perfect day. The weather was beautiful, and my sweet husband and kids made me feel very special. The night before I had margaritas and games with the girls at a friend's house, and my hubby let me sleep until 9:30 the next morning! When I got up, I lounged for a bit and then Ryan took the kids for a long walk while I went out to do some shopping. I found some great stuff for the house (since I'm always to scared to go into homegoods stores with the kids...all that breakable stuff just waiting for them to trash it!) and had sushi for lunch. I played with Jack for a while during naptime, and spent some tickle torture time with all three kids in the afternoon before deciding to head upstairs to read some magazines, watch HGTV and doze for a while. Ryan and the kids made me some delicious chocolate cupcakes, and I hopped in the shower for a great dinner out at Bonefish with my honey. Our neighbor came over and sat in the house (we had already put the kids to bed) while we went, and dinner was delish! A glass of wine, fantastic warm bread with a basil/olive pesto, shrimp and scallops martini appetizer (SUPERYUMMY!), a caesar salad, and an asian shrimp and scallops entree later, I was pleasantly full and ready to snuggle up at home and watch the Olympics for a while. Truly relaxing, energizing, and perfect. To top it all off, Ryan had gifts sent all week- mostly accessories for my new digital camera, which I loved, and today I received an adorable personalized $25 giftcard for Starbucks. It has a cartoon picture on it that looks like me with a tiara (too true!), a coffee in one hand, and my camera in the other. So thoughtful and a great surprise! Thanks to all for my great birthday! I love you guys!

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Jodie Allen said...

Happy Birthday!

Your day sounds amazing! Especially the nap! :)