Sunday, August 10, 2008

SOOO embarrassing, even to a three year old

We had our next door neighbors over for dinner on Saturday night, and they decided to go home and put their toddlers to bed (with their teenaged son, who was home) and then come back to play games. We attempted to quickly put the boys to bed while they were gone, but it has been a rocky road since Jackson gave up his beloved facifier.
When they got back to our house, the games commenced, and it seemed (from the rumble on the ceiling above us) that the boys were still awake. At one point Jackson started calling for us (which he rarely does), but we ignored him both because we had company and because we thought it was a stall tactic.
Ryan finally went into the room to find a crying Jackson, declaring "Daddy, I made poopoo in my pants because I called for you but you didn't come and so now I made poopoo.." and on and on as Ryan took him down the hall. Upon coming downstairs, Ryan chuckled that after he had removed the soiled underwear, and had Jackson bent over touching his toes to be wiped, Jackson had said "Dad, this is embarrassing." Of course, on Jacksonspeak it was probably more like "dis is embawwasing." Heehee.

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