Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Connor Shoes

SO I decided to put some shoes in the boys' Easter baskets. You know, something sandal-ish to announce the start of Spring and warm weather. I've done it each year. And besides, the other 18 million things I have for their baskets just will never be enough. I went to Children's Place last night and scored some cheap flip flops, and then my neighbor mentioned some cute imitation Crocs at another shoe store. Sam and I went into the shoe store today while Jack was at school, and as soon as he saw them, he said "Wook, mommy. Connor shoes!" and pointed right at the shoes my neighbor suggested; the same ones her son (and my kids' idol) wore all of last summer. I figured I'd try them on him to make sure I was buying the right size, but then he refused to take them back off. As I watched him stumble around the store, tripping over his feet, I started to wonder if this was a good idea. BUT, as my neighbor pointed out, our kids leather sandals were FUNKY by mid summer last year from foot odor, and the crocs (ish) shoes can be cleaned out and deoderized really regularly. I was running late to pick Jackson up from school, and just discovered Livi dropped a diaperload of disgustingness that needed immediate attention, so I gave up and let him wear them out. Now, because I wasn't the FIRST mother there for pickup, (I was still 6 minutes early by the way), Jackson was hysterical when I arrived and could scarcely be comforted. When he got to the car, immediately Sam started showcasing his Connor shoes. "Wook, jashon, I got CONNOR shoes. Wook at dem!" And Jackson immediately wanted HIS Connor shoes, too. When I put them on his little feet, he was beaming. "Do you like them?" I asked. "Like them? I LOOOVE them!" he declared, and totally made my day. Then they ate Lightning McQueen fruit snacks the whole way home (you know, the ones I bought this morning because Sam dropped his pacifier UNDER the shelves at the grocery store and there was no way I could let him put it back in his mouth- I mean the floor is one thing, but under the shelves- that's another). Spoiled? Never.


Good & Crazy said...

Hey, lightning quick commenting! Thanks for the comment I just barely added that post!

And yechh, on the pacifier UNDER the shelves...I agree MUCH different.

I always liked pickled beet dyed, pickled eggs? I'm okay with that!

Good & Crazy said...

Oh, PS.

THREE UNDER THREE? God. Bless. Ya. And all those diapers. My youngest can buckle himself in the vehicle BY HIMSELF--even better than potty trained!

Mommy Jess said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It is nice to have an in-house pediatrician, I have to admit. Yes, we are building a house. There are other pictures of the house we want to build and other things in some older posts. We hope to break ground soon! Have a great Easter.

Anonymous said...

See here or here

Fern said...

Happy Easter, Miriam and Co.!