Thursday, March 27, 2008

Olivia's preferred sleeping position

Ever since Livi has been able to roll over, she prefers to sleep in this position. It is terrifying. But, every time you roll her over, she finds her way right back to this. Ryan and I have often said if she was our first child, we would probably never sleep. We would stay up all night and watch her and roll her over and fret over the weirdness and possible suffocation of her preferred position. Now, however, after the THIRD, we are too tired to stay up all night, and seeing as how she has slept this way for many months now, unscathed, we are pretty much used to finding her fast asleep and totally face down. I still can't resist photographing it though. My mother has pictures of me passed out all over the house,(in my highchair, in my swing, sitting up against the bars of my crib, into my food, etc,) and I still love to look at them. I hope she'll feel the same way someday.

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