Thursday, March 27, 2008

What did the Easter Bunny bring this year?

For Olivia, two summer hats, two pairs of shoes, and some candy (to share with Mommy)

For Jackson and Sam, personalized superhero capes with their initials on the back, Lightning McQueen cars (which they have carried around nonstop since they received them), a mess free painting book, a pair of flip flops, a metal watering can with three gardening tools for the small vegetable garden I am planning to work on this summer, and way more candy than necessary. Jackson loved all the toys, wore his cape for three straight days, and asks every morning if we can garden today. Sam dove straight into the candy. No, seriously. He didn't even LOOK at anything else, just started stuffing the stuff into his mouth as fast as possible. Then he hit a white jelly bean. He started to sputter and gag. He insisted on spitting it out. He said "Pwah, pwah, YUCK, I don't rike white jewwy beas. Dere YUCKY!" and he proceeded to weed out and THROW every offensive white jelly bean across the room to get it as far from him as possible. Even after church, he made proclamations of his great disdain for the dreaded white jelly bean.
Uncle Mikey and Aunt Ana sent beautiful stuffed bunnies and small bags of yummy chocolates for each child, and I put them with their baskets. They're so cute, I think I may put them out every year next to the baskets.

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