Monday, March 10, 2008


For some reason, my strong urges to clean always coincide with the kids creating messes right behind me. What is that about? Today while I tried to spring clean the master bathroom and bedroom, and guest bathroom, the following happened:
1.) Jack had an accident and pooped in his underwear IN HIS BED. Ew.
2.) He rolled a roll of toilet paper down the stairs and brought it to me saying "Look, Mommy, I cleaned this all up for you!" Um, you wouldn't have to CLEAN it if you didn't throw it down the stairs!
3.) the boys knocked over the clothes I was folding on the bed, causing it to all need REFOLDING. Aaargh.
4.) I found the boys with my label maker, having gleefully printed a long string of letters and used up the rest of the label tape in the machine. Sigh. I SO love labeling things. But somehow I don't think JJKMX*& MDJELSMSJJJJJSMEGJS is going to help people find anything. Just sayin'.
Tomorrow is another day. And another opportunity for them to trash the house behind me. Come on warm weather. I plan to lock them in the backyard for a full three months.


Fern said...

You and I are having similar days, I think. There has been a lot of running and fighting and chasing and jumping and wilding all over the place around here. Our laundry piles have been toppled. Certain people seem to have recently discovered the joys of spitting in the house. Certain people also cannot manage to stop peeing themselves. A LOT of certain people.

Anyway, let's just call this spring fever and write this off as a phase.

Miriam said...

Let's SOOO hope it's a phase! Because "certain people" are taking their lives into their hands ;-) Today was a little better!