Thursday, March 27, 2008

Going to church on Easter

Our little family in front of Mimi's house
We look so calm, don't we. Funny thing is, I had already lost: the house keys, the baby pacifier, the camera, left 28 things inside and had to run back for them, and church was starting pretty much while we were taking these pictures. It was a little hectic. As usual, heh.
I love that in so many pictures, Sam is staring up at Jackson.
This one would have been ADORABLE, if not for Jackson huddled up and complaining that he was "COLDY." C'mon! I need cute pictures. Sheesh!
Olivia, however, is always ready to pose for the camera. That's my girl!

1 comment:

Fern said...

Holy cow! Sam is a clone of your husband and Jackson looks just like you! That is amazing!

You guys are impressive that you managed to get up and everyone dressed and out the door for church. I have taken my crew exatly one Sunday morning in the last 18 months.