Thursday, March 27, 2008


Last night Jackson was in time out for being generally fussy and asking about a million times for a snack even after having a bunch of snacks and being told he had to wait for dinner. Sam sat at the kitchen table watching Jackson who was stranded in the time out spot in the dining room. Sam dangled his legs from the chair, kicking them softly and looking around, and stared for a few seconds in Jackson's direction, and then the taunting began.
S: with a finger pointed, "Jashon, you in time out stay dere and don't get up or mommy spank you heinie."
J: "SAM, NOOOOO. Mommy will NOT spank my heinie."
S: still pointing his finger, "No, YOU, Jashon. You stay dere and don't get up. You bein nasty."

I let it go on a few seconds more, then told Sam to leave Jackson alone in time out. After Jackson's time out stint had ended, Sammy was wandering around doing his usual shenanigans, namely smacking everyone he passed. After getting about 6 people in the room, I said
"Sammy, stop that. It's not nice to hit people. Do you want Mommy to hit you?"
S: "NO."
J: "YES, I think you should."
Aaah, brotherly love.


Jonna said...

Brotherly love. That says it all, doesn't it. :)

Fern said...

ROFL I love it!!!